As a church we endeavour to be aware of our responsibility to our community both near and far and as such we support the work of many organisations throughout the year.


Our CMS- Mission partners are David & Shelley Stokes, Peter and Fiona were at Cranmer College with David and Shelley. David & Shelley

Former SAMS mission partners, the Stokes returned to the Diocese of Northern Argentina in November 2010 with CMS. They are accompanying the mainly Wichi speaking congregations at a time of rapid change. David is involved in encouraging and training new and existing church leaders. Shelley works mainly with the women, helping with the women’s conferences and encouraging the start of parenting groups.

Download their latest newsletter here.

SUS_logoScripture Union are about valuing children and young people. They help them explore what Jesus said and did. They offer times and places where they can discover, challenge and decide.  This is done by supporting local SU Groups, offering children and young people the opportunity to experience camps and outdoor adventures most importantly everything is underpinned in Prayer.  Find out more about SU here.

StorehouseStorehouse is a local charity organised by The Full Gospel Church.  Storehouse aims to provide  essential supplies to families in crisis in the Dalkeith area.  Regular, ongoing donations  of food, as well as essential household supplies meet the immediate needs of those in crisis.  Please keep an eye on our pew leaflet and magazine as on an ad hoc basis larger items are often required.  Small items can be left in the basket at the back of church however, please speak to Andrew or Peter if you think you have something else that may be of use!  Together we can make a difference.


At Easter time, Storehouse will be delivering parcels to families in the community to help during the school holidays. Below is a list of items that would be really helpful for the parcels, if there is anyone in your congregations who would like to contribute something. Please remember that we have lots and lots of pasta and pasta sauce – no need to give this.

Once again, many thanks for your ongoing support – it is so appreciated.

Non food items
Laundry liquid
Toilet paper
Other e.g. shower gel, toothpaste, soap

Food items
Tins of soup
Tin of beans
Tin of macaroni cheese
Tin of spaghetti hoops
Tinned meat.
Jam/peanut butter/chocolate spread
Tomato ketchup or mayonnaise
Tin of Tuna fish
Tin of Hot dogs
Fray Bentos (chicken or steak pie in tin)
Selection boxes
Dessert e.g, custard, rice pudding, angel delight
Tinned sponge (Heinz)
Tin of fruit
Pot noodles
Tin of vegetables
Breakfast cereal
UHT whole milk (1 litre)
Diluting juice